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Discover the BMW Integrated Navigation! The newest generation of navigation.

the new North American map package
  • BMW Integrated Navigation Software

    Most recent Software version 3.1.15 for device type B286.
  • North American map package

    Unlimited navigation throughout North America
    More than 6.7 millions of miles street coverage and more than 3 millions of points of interest offer the best prospects for stress-free  travel throughout North America.
  • Premium RDS Traffic

    With the premium RDS traffic function, the device takes current traffic jams into account and reliably calculates the best route for you in the USA and Canada. Even without active route guidance, you have access to all premium traffic information.
  • Content Manager for MAC OS X

    Connect your BMW Integrated Navigation to your MAC and run your HARMAN Content Manager for MAC OS X.
  • Newsletter about Registration

    Stay well informed with BMW Integrated Navigation newsletters
    Becker MAP PILOT newsletters regularly inform you about product news, updates and special offers. Register now to receive the newsletter and always get the latest info as it becomes available.
  • Here's how it's done...

    Individually configuring your BMW Integrated Navigation via your PC
    Your BMW Integrated Navigation can be individually configured at any time. Simply connect your navigation system to your PC, select the maps and additional features you desire and download them directly.

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